Ben Bockelmann, GIS Manager / Analyst

Ben Bockelmann

GIS Manager / Analyst

Mr. Bockelmann earned a B.S. in Geography with specializations in Physical Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He joined ALL Consulting in 2011 and has been managing GIS-related deliverables for ALL Consulting since joining the firm. Mr. Bockelmann routinely performs GIS analysis, data query, map production, HEC-GeoRAS flood mapping, and data creation and management for various clients; creating maps and AutoCAD drawings; and has managed environmental sampling programs and landfill inspections. He maintains a close relationship working with all project managers, field personnel, and data analysts to ensure quality and timely deliverables for clients. Mr. Bockelmann has extensive experience working with numerous state O&G databases to help support environmental/regulatory site assessments for permitting/planning/constructing hundreds of wells, pipelines, and water infrastructure systems in all O&G plays in the U.S. Mr. Bockelmann also supports geospatial seismic analyses for saltwater disposal wells for permitting efforts and litigation cases.

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