Mark Kidder, Sr. Program Manager / Sales and Marketing Leader

Mark Kidder

Sr. Program Manager / Sales and Marketing Leader

Mr. Kidder holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business with Minors in Chemistry and Biology and has spent 30 years in the Oil and Gas, Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Water Treatment, Water Infrastructure and Management markets. Prior to joining ALL, Mr. Kidder was the Global Sector Lead – Water Infrastructure for MWH (now Stantec) and most recently, was the Global Business Manager over Schlumberger’s Water Treatment and Management Division, responsible for all technical, infrastructure, and business aspects of the upstream global business enterprise. While under his leadership, Mr. Kidder was responsible for developing upstream water management for frac operations, as well of treatment technology evaluation and entity acquisition oversight. In this role,125 various treatment companies, technologies, and management strategies were technically and economically evaluated and ranked based on their projected efficacy to treat widely varying water qualities across the globe in the upstream exploration and downstream production recovery marketplaces. Mark led the strategic development and implementation of Schlumberger’s xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service. Today, the xWATER Program is still actively deployed across the globe while focusing on the customization of stimulation fluid chemistries in order to eliminate the need for water treatment when reusing produced water.

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