NPR Interview Regarding Marginal, Idle and Orphan Well Followup – interview published.

As reported by Dan Arthur – ALL Consulting

This afternoon, NPR Reporter Camila Domonoske’s story on Orphan Wells in America. I got the pleasure to take Camila through some old fields in Tulsa County and out into Osage County on the Osage Nation. We visited marginal & idle wells with Scott Robinowitz and then headed out to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve where we found what appeared to be a few orphan wells. The presence of orphan and Idle wells is a huge enviornmental issue and definately can have impacts to climate change, ground and surface water contamination, and more. Many of these wells are on Native American lands, economically distressed areas, near schools and urban areas, in lakes & rivers, and more. 

I will say that over the last 40 years and especially over the last ~5 years, I’ve met so many great people that share my passion for addressing these issues! The story is currently only a radio story and it’s only 7 minutes. I hope you take time to listen. And if you know me, hunting down these types of wells and assessing environmental issues and oil & gas history is what I do for fun. And… I’ve even encouraged (and succeded!) my son, step-sons, friends and more to do this just for fun and learning. 

Link to NPR interview