Design and Construction

aerial view of a water treatment facility

As a result of our unique experience and comprehensive offering, our clients are rewarded with ALL’s focused expertise towards each aspect of the water management cycle: water resources management (planning, recycling, disposal, evaporation, operations); associated regulatory negotiations and permitting support; civil and petroleum engineering expertise; subsurface geological, geophysical, and environmental assessments; wellbore design for optimal underground injection capacity and control (UIC); saltwater disposal (SWD) well drilling and completions design, execution, and delivery; surface facility engineering and design and construction; and construction management oversight and delivery. ALL is uniquely comprised of engineers, geologists, scientists and regulatory specialists, which has effectively positioned the firm to gain invaluable experience across the entire spectrum of upstream and midstream water management services while engaging and managing important regulatory relationships as required at the federal and state level. Within the upstream oil and gas marketplace, ALL provides comprehensive engineering design and construction services for:

  • Class II Saltwater Disposal (SWD) Wells and Associated Support Facilities
  • Storage Impoundments and Tanks
  • Water Conveyance Pipelines
  • Water Recycling Facilities
  • Evaporation/Aeration Systems
  • Water Manifolds