Litigation Support Services

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Our litigation support team is comprised of experts in various aspects of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry with proficiency in: Petroleum Engineering, Completion Engineering, Hydraulic Fracturing, Horizontal Drilling, Underground Injection Control, Fresh Water Supply and Produced Water Management, Gas Migration Investigation and Oil Field Safety. Our team is made up of a large number of senior professionals with more than 20-years of experience and several with more than 35-years in their respective fields. That experience is one of our greatest advantages. The extensive depth of our research, superior work product quality, fact based and logical approach to opinions, and effectiveness of testimony / depositions is the standard we provide for each client. Our litigation support team provides legal clients with seasoned expert witnesses, professionally developed multidisciplinary reports, credible testimony, and opponent report and exhibit assessments that support dispute resolution and trails. Many of these services can be managed by remote means, but with the recent situation, we have increased our resources to provide a higher level of virtual support.