Josh Ticknor, P.E., Project Engineer

Josh Ticknor, P.E.

Project Engineer

Mr. Ticknor obtained a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa and is a licensed professional engineer. Mr. Ticknor has gained experience through more than 10 years of supporting production operations and reservoir engineering. Mr. Ticknor’s experience includes analysis and resolution of both operational and multi-disciplinary issues in the areas of well construction and siting; well permitting; contractor management; and water sourcing, storage, treatment, transportation, and disposal. He is highly knowledgeable in many areas and aspects of workover operations such as flowback maintenance, gas lift optimization, and marginal well management. He has been involved in the site evaluation, selection, and permitting preparation process of SWD facilities in Texas and New Mexico. He has managed construction activities of numerous fresh and produced water impoundments, tank battery facilities, pipelines, and saltwater disposal wells in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

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