SWD Injection Well Permitting

an injection well work site

Increased regulatory scrutiny is causing expedited permitting of SWD’s/Injection Wells to become increasingly difficult. ALL’s comprehensive SWD Well Permitting Services provide expert regulatory and technical support for every stage of the injection well permitting process. This full-service approach gives our clients the most efficient path to obtain injection well permits in order to increase disposal capacity. This service is built upon UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE – ALL employs three (3) former state UIC Directors (TX, OH, MT) and as a result has unmatched experience. ALL has permitted over 2,000 injection wells! As a key part to the first and only “TurnKey Saltwater Disposal Well Service” in the marketplace, our multi-disciplinary Injection Well Permitting team allows clients to obtain injection permits quickly and efficiently to keep their operations running smoothly.

Saltwater Disposal Well Permitting

  • Geologic Evaluation
  • Interval Selection
  • Well Design
  • USDW Protection
  • Area of Review
  • Seismic Review
  • Affected Party Notifications
  • Public Notice
  • Water Well Search/Sampling
  • Injectate Analysis
  • Formation Water Compatibility Analysis
  • Agency Coordination
  • Expedited Permit Processing
  • Protest Management
  • Hearing Support
  • Seismic Monitoring Design & Implementation