Turnkey Saltwater Disposal Wells

an injection well work site

Permitting, designing, and installing high capacity disposal wells in an expedited fashion is becoming increasingly important. ALL’s Fully Integrated SWD Delivery Service provides the ONLY 100% TURNKEY SWD SOLUTION in the marketplace, giving our customers an edge in accelerating additions to their disposal capacity. This service is built upon UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE: ALL employs top engineers, geologists, and three former State UIC Executives (TX, OH, MT) that has allowed us to support clients with regulatory permitting, public notice/protest mitigation, disposal well engineering design, drilling, and completion experience for greater than 2,000 injection wells! As the first and only “Turnkey SWD Solution” in the marketplace, our multi-disciplinary SWD delivery model allows our customers to gain critical increases in disposal capacity as quickly as possible.

ALL utilizes four distinct project stages to allocate resources while simultaneously and collaboratively working to design, permit, drill, complete, test and make the well ready for injection within 119-days.

STAGE 1: Disposal Interval Selection, Characteristics and Recommendations

STAGE 2: SWD Design and Logging Requirements Determined

STAGE 3: Regulatory Permitting of SWD Well

STAGE 4: SWD Drilling, Completion and Testing