Water Management Planning

aerial view of a water treatment facility

Increases and enhancements in drilling and completion activities and the associated increase in water management costs have generated the need for a controlled, holistic approach to all aspects of the water management planning cycle. ALL’s WMP Services have been developed to carefully evaluate current and future water requirements while focusing on the staging of investment and system flexibility. As drilling and completion plans change, this full service, field-wide approach gives our clients the most efficient path to “water independence.” The financial impacts of the WMP process are managed by scheduling water infrastructure elements when and where they are needed. A phased approach implementing the conveyance, disposal, treatment, and reuse elements of the WMP is incorporated to provide a scheduled expenditure of assets, while minimizing the overall water management costs. This service is built upon UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE – as ALL has designed, developed, permitted, or installed over 750 miles of water conveyance pipeline, storage and treatment impoundments totaling over 45 Million BBls, numerous storage/treatment tanks, tank batteries, and other treatment units, and over 2,000 injection wells!


  1. Evaluation of Existing Water Infrastructure
  2. Review of Operator’s Drilling and Completions Forecast for the foreseeable future
  3. Optimal Sourcing, Storage, Conveyance, Disposal Options are Identified
  4. Feasibility and Timing of Produced Water Treatment/Recycling is determined
  5. Regulatory review conducted to identify associated compliance costs and timelines to accomplish
  6. Development of Fieldwide Water Management Plan Cost Estimate
  7. Preliminary Phased Schedule Developed