Category: Team

  • Oliver Seekins

    March 7, 2024
    Project Manager/Regulatory Consultant Mr. Seekins is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has been with ALL for seven years.  His…
  • Reed Davis

    March 7, 2024
    Geophysicist Mr. Davis has a professional focus on induced seismicity, seismic data acquisition and interpretation, structural interpretation, and technical document…
  • Scott Meier

    March 7, 2024
    Professional Geologist Mr. Meier is a trained geologist with a background in hydrogeology and geochemistry and over 10 years of…
  • David Winter, CWB, CPA, Senior Environmental and Energy Consultant

    David Winter, CWB, CPA

    September 21, 2023
    Senior Environmental and Energy Consultant Mr. Winter is a senior environmental and energy consultant with ALL Consulting and has over…
  • Tom Tomastik

    September 21, 2023
    Chief Geologist Mr. Tomastik is a certified petroleum geologist with over 38 years of diverse expertise and experience in the…
  • Josh Ticknor, P.E., Project Engineer

    Josh Ticknor, P.E.

    September 21, 2023
    Project Engineer Mr. Ticknor obtained a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa and is a licensed…
  • Jon Seekins, Regulatory Manager

    Jon Seekins

    September 21, 2023
    Regulatory Manager Mr. Seekins is a Senior Environmental Scientist with ALL Consulting and the Regulatory Manager. For the past 34…
  • Mark Kidder, Sr. Program Manager / Sales and Marketing Leader

    Mark Kidder

    September 21, 2023
    Sr. Program Manager / Sales and Marketing Leader Mr. Kidder holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business with Minors…
  • Gavin James, P.E.

    September 21, 2023
    Chief Operations Officer (COO), Senior Engineer Mr. James holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional…
  • Mark Faucher, VP Strategic Development

    Mark Faucher

    September 21, 2023
    VP Strategic Development Mr. Faucher holds Bachelor of Science (Biology) and MBA Degrees and has more than 40 years of…